Busby Cabinets ServicesWe provide you with your very own Busby Cabinets designer, so you’ll have a personal guide throughout the entire journey of making your dream home come true.

And, it all starts with you and our team, together, developing a comprehensive design for your space that is both functional and beautiful.

Working with you to create the custom room(s) to fulfill your needs, our experienced designers utilize computer-aided drafting software, CabinetVision, to draft floor plans and 3-D renderings for all your cabinetry.

Our designers will also guide you through the process of selecting styles, materials, textures, finishes, and assist with color coordination, making sure the proper space planning is incorporated into the design.

As well as face-to-face meetings, our designers conveniently and efficiently communicate with you by scanning drawings via email in a PDF format in a timely manner.

Imaginative and focused Busby Cabinets designers use their experience and architectural education every step of the way.

Transforming your vision into reality is nearly as rewarding for our designers as it is for you.


Busby Cabinets EngineeringFrom the start, Busby Cabinets’ hand-built cabinetry is “design-engineered.”

That’s because our designers use the very same CabinetVision software to design your project that our highly-skilled and detailed-oriented team of engineers use to prepare your project for manufacturing.

This team of engineers comb over every detail to ensure and verify that every component of the design accurately meshes with appliances, plumbing fixtures and site measurements.

While doing so, these engineers are simultaneously preparing cut list, assembly, finishing and installation data before our factory begins the manufacturing process.

We take these engineering steps to ensure your project runs smoothly, precisely and on time.


Cabinetry CraftsmanshipThe manufacturing of your Busby Cabinets project begins with only the finest selection of woods and materials.We can ensure this because every Busby Cabinets project is manufactured in our factory.With nearly four decades in business, we have honed our processes to blend some of the oldest and time-tested techniques of fine woodworking with some of the most modern, state-of-the-art advances in manufacturing.

Every piece of a Busby Cabinets project is hand-selected, hand-built and hand-finished to your satisfaction.


Busby Cabinets FinishesSecond only to the engineering of your project, the Busby Cabinets finishing process requires more labor hours than any other facet of our process.Each custom-designed cabinet and architectural millwork piece is meticulously hand finished by our experienced and talented team of finish specialists to only the highest standards.This team of specialists is highly-trained in both old-world and advanced modern techniques of antiquing, glazing, distressing, crackling, etc.

Whether it is one of our nearly 200 “standard” finishes, or that custom one-of-a-kind finish, you can be assured that these specialists has created the finish of your project with his/her own two hands.

We also use conversion varnish throughout the cabinet finishing process to provide one of the toughest, most durable and resistant finishes in the cabinet industry.


Busby Cabinets Delivery ServiceEvery Busby Cabinets project is hand-delivered by Busby Cabinets employees in Busby Cabinets company trucks and trailers.Each cabinet and architectural millwork piece is hand-wrapped in blankets at the factory, secured in one of our trailers and handled with great care from our factory to your home.


Busby Cabinets InstallationIt is our philosophy that in spite of employing the very best in design, engineering, manufacturing and finishing of custom cabinetry, little of that will matter if a trained craftsman doesn’t also perform the installation.

We provide licensed, insured, trained and certified subcontract installation teams that have worked with Busby Cabinets for several years, ensuring that your project is installed correctly, the first time, in a timely manner.

Project Management

Project ManagementSome cabinet companies’ idea of Project Management involves an individual who has never been to the jobsite, sitting at a desk, awaiting a phone call from the installer to let him/her know what is needed or what has been accomplished at the jobsite.That, however, is not Busby Cabinets’ idea of Project Management.Our Project Managers are a vital part of our Customer Service Team, and are regularly at the jobsite – in your home – initiating progress rather than reacting to it.

And even though your Busby Cabinets designer will be a source of support from beginning to end, your Project Manager will be the mechanism in which the project gets pushed to completion.

Customer Services

Busby Cabinets Customer ServiceAlthough our cabinetry is built to last the lifetime of your home, our Five-Year Limited Warranty and professionally-trained, in-house Service Technicians ensure that all your needs continue to be met after installation.All of our Service Technicians have years of expert training and experience.It’s simply one more step in our process that we take to make sure your Busby Cabinets cabinetry continually meets your expectations.

Our Commitment to you

Busby Cabinets Florida

Because everyone at Busby Cabinets is passionate about what we do, we’d like you to know a little bit about who we are and what our commitment to our valued customers is.

First and foremost, Busby Cabinets is not a giant, assembly-line manufacturer feverishly building and shipping our product to every corner of the world, or the country for that matter.

On the contrary, Busby Cabinets is simply a local (Florida-based), family owned, operated and dedicated team of people who feel there is no substitute for quality and value.

Our 45,000 square-foot factory allows us to be large enough to handle large and small projects alike, yet small enough to maintain an intimate attention to detail for every project.

Simply put, Busby Cabinets isn’t satisfied unless you are satisfied.

Additionally, our commitment doesn’t stop at your jobsite, but we also vigilantly consider the global environment and value the well-being and livelihood of our employee family.

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