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Actually, this section could be called “Your Team.”

That’s because, from the moment you call or step into one of our showrooms, you will join a collection of friendly, experienced and talented individuals who are committed to your dreams, your family needs and your vision of new custom cabinetry in your home.

Ultimately, your cabinetry needs and desires motivate us to craft one-of-a-kind products that offer honest value and exceptional quality.

Whether you have visions of a new home or are remodeling an existing home, Busby Cabinets has the experience and quality you need – from design and engineering straight through to the manufacturing, installation and service.

“Our Team” looks forward to the opportunity of working side by side with you to make your dreams become reality.


Jack Busby

Jack Busby

Debbie Busby

Debbie Busby

In 1974, Jack Busby started the business in his parents’ goat barn in the tiny town of Lacrosse, Florida armed only with a set of common Sears Craftsman tools.

Not long after he was out of high school, Jack discovered that he genuinely enjoyed working with his hands and had a specific talent for remodeling and home improvement.

A few years later, Jack was unexpectedly reunited with a friend he had known since the first grade when Debbie accepted an accounting position for the business in 1980.

Within six months, Jack proposed.

Work and marriage have been a good fit for Jack and Debbie because since then – some 30-plus years later – Busby Cabinets has grown from a 10-employee cabinet shop into a full-fledged custom cabinet company with a 45,000 square-foot manufacturing facility, four showrooms across the state of Florida and nearly 70 employees.

Our ‘Employee Family’ is what sets us apart

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You can usually tell a lot about a company by examining its employees. More specifically, by how many and how long quality employees are retained. This is an excellent indication of the stability and level of experience a company can provide on a consistent basis.

We feel that our employees are our best tools. And, they are all truly looked upon as members of one large “Employee Family.”

  • 74 total employees statewide
  • 3 employees with 30 or more years of service
  • 7 employees with 20-30 years of service
  • 25 employees with 10-20 years of service
  • 12 employees with 5-10 years of service
  • 27 employees with less than 5 years of service

Customer Service Team

Margie Sanders

Customer Service Admin

About Margie

Customer Service Regional Map

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Mike Thomas

Field Superintendent

About Mike Thomas

Sean Doyle

Field Superintendent
Central Region


About Sean

Ed Parenteau

Field Superintendent
South Region

About Ed

Design Consultant Team

Kyle Busby

Design Consultant

About Kyle

Scott Childs

Design Consultant

About Scott

Gina Gullo

Design Consultant

About Gina

Dave Stanley

Design Consultant

About Dave

Diana Knipp

Design Consultant

About Diana

Mike Childs

Design Consultant

About Mike

Jim Freeman

Design Consultant

About Jim

Diane Mulligan

Design Consultant

About Diane

Rich Trudeau

Design Consultant

About Rich

Krista L. Medendorp

Design Consultant

About Krista

Sales Support Staff

Jim Freeman

Director of Design and Sales.

About Jim

Ryan Harden

Director of Engineering and Field Superintendents

About Ryan

Scott Pfaff

Managing Director

About Scott

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