Boost Your Kitchen Cabinets Function with These Great Additions!

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Have you ever thought about how much more functional your kitchen could be with the right kitchen cabinet accessories? At Busby Cabinets, we have the kitchen cabinets Orlando, Tampa, Naples, and Gainesville residents love and we can ensure that you get the best cabinets possible so that you can then enhance them with top of the line accessories. If you are interested in learning more about interesting and innovative kitchen cabinet accessories, contact us at Busby Cabinets or visit our website to see cabinet remodeling projects that we have done in the past.


How to Make Your Space Count with Kitchen Cabinet Accessories


There are an array of things that you can do to truly make your space count when you are in a tight space. Even in a large kitchen, there are ways that you can elevate the look of your kitchen cabinets to create a space that will truly enhance functionality while also giving you that timeless look that you have always wanted.


  •       Tablet Mount: Many of us use a tablet in order to follow a recipe while we are cooking. A tablet mount keeps the tablet out of the way of messy spills and makes sure that it is still within view while you are cooking.
  •       Stemware Rack: A stemware rack is practical for those who have limited space in their kitchen cabinets for additional glasses and gives you an elegant look that keeps your glasses within reach while still safely stored away.
  •       Knife Block: A knife block is practical for a variety of reasons. It keeps knives well out of reach of small hands that may swipe the counter to see what they can find and they are also still within immediate reach of you while you are cooking. Additionally, it keeps them inconspicuous.
  •       Lighting: The last thing that you want is to install a beautiful backsplash into your kitchen and then realize that it is hidden by dark shadows that your kitchen cabinets create. That is why under cabinet lighting can be so helpful. It can allow you to see your unique backsplash and give you extra lighting while you are prepping on your countertops. While we are not electricians at Busby cabinets, we do have excellent vendors who we have worked with for decades who we consult with so that our custom cabinet designs will hide their wire work perfectly. 

Are You Looking for the Kitchen Cabinets Orlando, Tampa, Naples, and Gainesville Residents Love?


Kitchen cabinet accessories can only do so much without the right kitchen cabinets. At Busby Cabinets, we know that the right kitchen cabinets can transform your space and give it the look it needs. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen to give it high quality cabinets and the best cabinet accessories, contact us at Busby Cabinets in Orlando, Tampa, Naples, or Gainesville. Our custom cabinet work is unparalleled.


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If you are looking for the kitchen cabinets Orlando, Tampa, Naples, and Gainesville residents trust, contact us at Busby Cabinets to begin your remodeling project today. We are committed to providing the highest quality possible and we have the tools to give you the cabinets that you have always wanted. Contact us to learn more or visit our website.

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