Insert a Coffee Bar Into Your Kitchen Cabinets Naples Redesign

Customers in the Naples, Florida area who are thinking of renovating their kitchen might want to consider installing a coffee bar. A coffee bar is just the thing for a household whose members have different schedules, who like to sleep in on the weekends or who like to enjoy their coffee throughout the day. It is an excellent option if the homeowner entertains weekend guests who are particular about their coffee or guests who arrive for an informal get-together. Our professionals at Busby Cabinets are pleased to help our customers design the coffee bar that’s just right for them.

A coffee bar can be as simple as a niche between the wall and floor of kitchen cabinets Naples residents enjoy that contains a little coffee maker and a selection of coffee cups and saucers or it can be truly elaborate.

The niche can hold a regular coffee maker, whether it’ a French press or automatic or manual drip and a space-age espresso machine, all lit by LED lighting tucked into the top of the niche. The niche can be lined with subway tile, painted brick or painted with latex chalkboard paint that lets the host easily write and erase messages, including directions on how to use the coffee maker or the espresso machine for folks who’ve never seen one before. There might be room for a coffee grinder, plates of cookies, muffins, brownies or even a modest cake.

The wall cabinets above the coffee machines can hold an array of coffee cups, from big ones that the drinker can barely get their hands around to tiny demitasse cups to mugs and lovely coffee cups made of thick porcelain that were bought at a little store that salvages dinnerware from defunct hotels and restaurants. The shelves also hold their saucers. Some homemakers simply store their espresso cups and saucers on top of the espresso machine. The wall cabinets can hold tall glasses for folks who like iced coffee and little teapots for people who like their own little pot of tea to enjoy throughout the morning and afternoon.

Neatly arranged flatware can be stored beneath the coffee machines in a drawer in one of the floor kitchen cabinets Naples communities love. Spoons predominate, including the little demitasse spoons for the espresso and for gently moving around the foam on a cappuccino. We can also make compartments to hold napkins and coffee stirrers. Beneath this drawer are drawers full of different types of coffee and tea, as the coffee bar can also be used by tea-drinkers. There’s also room for tins of hot chocolate. Below can be a refrigerated drawer that holds coffee creamers, real cream, milk, a whipped cream dispenser and other types of beverages if there’s room. A freezer drawer beneath it can hold the ice.

Our professionals can install a mini-sink at the coffee bar to keep the hot water reservoirs filled and hands clean.

If this sounds irresistible to you as you consider remodeling your kitchen cabinets, come to Busby Cabinets for kitchen cabinets Naples redesign residents rave about. Aside from Naples, we have conveniently located showrooms in Gainesville, Orlando and Tampa. Contact us at

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