Custom Office Storage Cabinets Orlando Clients Appreciate

custom office storage cabinets orlando

If you are a business owner, you know the value of image. When you welcome a client, customer, or colleague into your office, you want to make a good impression. What does it tell your client if your desk is a mess, you have files spilling out of metal cabinets, and there is nowhere for them to sit? This gives off an air of disorganization and incompetence that could translate to the quality of services you offer.


On the other hand, if your client walks into a well-maintained and clean office with high-quality furnishing, they have a far different impression of you. Many business owners fail to recognize the connection between their office and their broader image. They are so busy that they rarely spend time decorating, cleaning, or choosing quality pieces to use and display in their offices.


Busby Cabinets understands the time crunch and pressure that business owners experience. That’s why they pride themselves on creating custom cabinetry that not only fits a business owner’s personality but also his unique storage needs. Are you ready to upgrade your office and make the right impression? Here are some things to consider.


Types of Storage Cabinets Orlando Businesses Should Consider


In business for over 40 years, Busby has worked with all different types of business owners. They know that the choices they make in storage are as unique as they are. Here are some questions to consider when choosing the type of cabinets you want.


  • What you want to show off. With custom cabinetry, you can beautifully display book collections, diplomas, family photographs, or other items you want to draw attention to. Work with your custom cabinetry representative to convey the space and details you need to display your items.
  • What you want to conceal. Do your clients really need to see all of your paperwork files or your coffee pot and creamer options? When you get custom office storage cabinets, you can opt to have sections that are visible and those that are concealed. This helps you show off what you want—and hide the rest.
  • What you need to store. Do you mostly need storage cabinets for files? Or do you need to store bulky equipment or supplies that need a climate-controlled environment? Make sure you communicate with your cabinet maker so your custom office storage cabinets will be as functional as they are beautiful.


Styles of Storage Cabinets Orlando Businesses Should Consider


With Busby Cabinets, the style of your new cabinets is limited only by your imagination! However, the company specializes in a few unique styles you might want to consider.


  • Mediterranean Design. Do you really want to impress with old-world style and intricate details? The Mediterranean design could be right for you. This highly impressive styles works well in executive offices that often host important clients or colleagues.
  • Traditional Design. If you have a family-owned business focused on values and hard work, the traditional design may fit well with your image.
  • Transitional Design. Want a mix of modern elements with traditional features? Consider cabinets in the transitional design style.


Choosing the right styles and types of storage cabinets Orlando business owners appreciate is key to their satisfaction at the end of the project. By working with a custom office storage cabinets maker like Busby Cabinets, business owners can make a good impression while still taking advantage of the functionality. Contact us today to speak to one of our design consultants. 

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