5 Unexpected Colors For Your Bathroom Redesign Ideas Board

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

When you are designing your bathroom, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You will have to choose colors and materials and make sure everything fits well in your bathroom. You do not want it to be too cluttered because you want to have space to stand and walk. space. As you are doing research, you may benefit from making something like a vision board with all of your redesign ideas. This will help you conceptualize your bathroom. Putting images and colors together on a board will better help you understand what works well together and what does not. When you are looking for bathroom remodel ideas, come to Busby Cabinets!

5 Unexpected Colors For Your Bathroom

When you are deciding on colors for your bathroom, you have a lot of options. There are so many colors and shades of primary colors that you can pick from. When thinking about bathroom remodel ideas, you should consider the decor you will be using and the bathroom cabinets you are going to choose including materials and colors. Some of the outstanding colors you can choose from include:

  • Powder blue- This color provokes a light and airy nature and brings peace and serenity to the room. This light shade will lift your spirits and is great for soaking in relaxation.
  • Saturated green- This bright color is full of visual interest and brings out the best of any neutral tones. If your decor isn’t too colorful, this color may accent your bathroom very well.
  • Jewel tones- Jewel tones can be the focal point of your bathroom. These dramatic tones demand your attention and provide all the glitz and glam you are looking for.
  • Golden yellow- When you hear that golden yellow is a trending color, you may be surprised. Not a lot of people use this color for their rooms but this sunny shade will adapt to your designs and add soft energy and a sense of adventure to the bathroom.
  • Matte black- This sophisticated and subversive color offers an edgy and intriguing design.


These are just a few of the unexpected colors you might find popular. Some colors may seem so out of the ordinary that you are ready to dismiss them but don’t rid bold colors quite yet. Research these colors and add them to your vision board. You never know what you are going to fall in love with.

How To Start Your Vision Board

If you are remodeling your bathroom, a great way to keep all of your ideas together and actually see how colors and designs match up is to create a vision board. It is so simple, all you need is a platform to put your images and colors on such as a poster board or even a bulletin board. Once you have your platform, you can start drawing or taping and gluing pictures to the board. If you have tons of different color scheme ideas, create multiple boards!

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