How to Baby Proof Your Kitchen Cabinets

baby proof cabinets gainesville

New baby in the house, have you given baby proof cabinets a thought? Well let Busby Cabinets teach you how to baby proof your kitchen cabinets in Gainesville, FL. We will make sure all your kitchen cabinets are safe and sound from your little one getting into anything they shouldn’t be.

Make Sure You Use Our Tips For Baby Proof Cabinets


It is never too soon to start baby proofing your house. Your baby will be moving around the house before you know it and it does not hurt to be prepared when it happens. To baby proof cabinets takes time and you want to make sure you do it right so that your baby stays safe when making their way around the house. There are different types of baby proofing that you can use for your cabinets and you have to decide which are the best kind for your home.


Magnetic door locks – one of the most common forms parents use when they baby proof cabinets. They are very simple to use, come in a set consisting of a key and multiple locks. This allows you to installs locks on many cabinets and drawers, while keeping hold of the key. Keep in mind that you will need to permanently mount this type of hardware so be aware of your living circumstances. You can also temporarily unlock the cabinets and drawers for date night or other occasions you feel fit. These are easy to install, and fit most cabinets and drawers.


Adhesive mount cabinet locks – these are a less permanent choice when baby proofing and can be removed easily. They require two anchor points to be stuck to the surface of your cabinets. A strap between both points are kept from your cabinets being pulled together by a child. These are cheap, effective and easy to use. The multipurpose lock, push to release, flexible strap, and easy to install are the recommended brand to get if going with this type of baby proofing method.


Cord Cabinet Locks – the pull cord locks by kiscords, a recommended brand. These are best for cabinets with side by side knobs. They are easy to use, even one handed. Push to release button, and offered in different colors.


Get Your Kitchen Cabinets To Baby Proof Today!


Any of these types are top rated baby proofing options for your home. Busby Cabinets has kitchen cabinets Gainesville, FL to get you on the right track to a new kitchen design you can baby proof before that new member of the family gets here. You always want to be ahead of the game! We can help you find whatever it is you may be looking for and create a design you can not live without.


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If you have been searching for “kitchen cabinets gainesville” Busby Cabinets is the answer you have been waiting for. We have four convenient locations here in Florida, in Orlando, Gainesville, Tampa and Naples. Let us help you baby proof cabinets in your home before it’s too late.


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