The New “Select Line” at Busby Cabinets!

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We have so many great options when it comes to cabinetry here at Busby Cabinets. From our selection of cabinet materials, knobs, custom designed doors, and much more, you are sure to find something you will absolutely love.


At Busby Cabinets, we can help guide you in making these tough choices to make sure that you have everything you want and love, but without the extra time necessary when an engineer must be used fro custom cabinet measurements. Our custom cabinets Tampa clients trust are perfect for any individual looking for a unique cabinet design.  


Being that many within our family of clients would like to have quicker creation and installation times, the idea for the Select Line was born. We can offer a wide variety of color and styles in pre-set dimensions to help deliver a quality product at a great price, in a shorter amount of time. Read below to learn more.


Why Choose From The Select Line?


You need to do your research on our select line because we have so many options to choose from! We offer a plethora of finish combinations including stain and glaze finishes in Cherry, Alder, and Maple, along with paint finishes. Although this is a new line, you can expect the same quality custom cabinetry that our consumers have trusted for over 40 years. We offer our base selection of cabinetry along with extra items. We do not want to limit options so we have taken a forward-thinking approach and have already determined the heights, widths, and depths that complement the designs within the catalog.


Simplify Your Life


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An advantage to contacting Busby Cabinets is the fact that we tailor to your needs. We do not work with a generic manufacturer, in fact, our manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art (we provide only the best for our customers). Building every cabinet we sell ensures that your custom cabinets Tampa customers depend on are in good hands! Being able to purchase local, factory-direct cabinets will provide you with the confidence that you are obtaining the highest quality product for the best possible price. The construction of the cabinets and the materials we use are no different than what our customers have been receiving for decades. The new line is limited compared to our Signature line but everything is limited compared to this line because whatever you dream up, we can create in our Signature line. It is not to say that you are limited to these specific items, but rather, you can buy a lot of the same items in our Select line that are offered in our Signature line at pre-determined parameters.


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When you are looking for custom cabinets Tampa consumers rely on with a wide variety of options, come to Busby Cabinets! Our staff of experienced and talented designers can help simplify your life by simplifying the process. We avoid the engineering department with this process and create an environment that is beautiful and has a condensed installation time. To find out more about our select line, call us today at 800-654-7090 or visit our website!

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